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TCM for the treatment of COVID-19

two hours webinar

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has had an enormous impact on human health, daily life and economies worldwide. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers a wealth of ancient wisdom and experience in battling epidemics, gathered during thousands of years. Because there are no vaccines or effective drugs available for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 yet, learning from the ancient literature and experience may provide help to find the cures.



Ming Cheng Huang

Dr. Ming-Cheng Huang is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist in China Medical University Hospital in Taiwan. Dr. Huang’s research interest involves the comprehensive understanding of the traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture and application of the knowledge to the treatment of human diseases. His academic and clinical training have provided him a background in Chinese medicine and a comprehension of western medicine. To ameliorate effectiveness of treatment of illness, he involves himself in cancer, rheumatoid disorders, neurologic diseases, and musculoskeletal disorders and tries to integrate Chinese medicine and western medicine appropriately.


Hung-Rong Yen

Dr. Hung-Rong Yen is a physician in China Medical University Hospital, and serves as the Director of Research Center for Chinese Herbal Medicine and Vice Dean of College of Chinese Medicine at China Medical University, Taiwan. He earned his M.D. degree with double major in Western and Chinese medicine in China Medical University, Taiwan. Afterwards he completed clinical training both in pediatrics and Chinese medicine in Chang Gung Children Hospital and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. He also earned his Ph.D. degree in Chang Gung University, including a 3-year research fellowship in the Immunology Program, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Hung-Rong Yen’s research interests majorly involve traditional Chinese medicine and immunology. Dr. Yen’s academic training and research experience have provided him with a background in multiple biomedical aspects. As a physician with dual clinical training in western medicine and Chinese medicine plus scientific training, he has become a leading advocate of the integration of Chinese medicine into conventional care and builds bridges between doctors of all backgrounds. He has published more than 80 papers in SCI journal. It is his hope that his training in clinical and basic science could be translated to a better understanding, treatment, and prevention of immunological diseases through approaches such as Chinese medicine. Dr. Yen is also a pioneer in innovative pedagogical practice in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) education. He is the leading expert in establishing the TCM-OSCE in Taiwan. He was invited to deliver TCM lectures or speeches worldwide. His bilingual lecture "Chinese Medicine Health Promotion Wisdom in Daily Life" is the first TCM-MOOCs course in China Medical University, Taiwan.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    TCM for the treatment of COVID-19

    • Host introduction

    • Brief introduciton of the course outline

    • SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

    • Epidemic in the ancient Chinese medical literatures

    • Review of clinical experience and TCM research during the SARS epidemic

    • Review of clinical experience and TCM research during the COVID-19 pandemic

    • Research Progress of COVID-19 in College of Chinese Medicine at China Medical University, Taiwan

    • Acupuncture for the Treatment of COVID-19 Cases - research overview

    • PDF-Presentation

    • exam - multiple choice

This course is suitable for

  • Medical Doctors

  • TCM Practitioners

  • All Other Health Professionals